QUE provides open data for psychometric, productivity, educational and health research and efficacy purposes.

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The open data is raw data from user game play, delivered in JSON format as zipped monthly files.

SEP 2019

The open data has 14 columns, as described below

user_id unique ID of the app user, generated by Android or iOS
gender M for male, F for Female, U for Unselected
user_language mobile device language
user_avatar user selected avatar 0 for unselected 101-112 for female, and 301-312 for male
screensize length x width of screen size divided by 100,000 and rounded to integer value
city_id unique ID of city selected by the user – please refer to CITIES
country_id unique ID of country selected by the user – please refer to COUNTRIES
thisgame_id the numerical ID of the puzzle played, as displayed below the puzzle name on the home screen
first4_moves the first 4 gameplay X-Y sequence, with an initial prefix M
gameplay_duration seconds taken to complete the game
game_iq player rating for this game between 1 and 4, with 1 being the lowest and 4 the highest
gameplay_hourofday the local hour of day of completion of play
gameplay_dayofweek the day of week of play, with Sunday= 0 and Saturday= 7
gameplay_dateofmonth the month date of play